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1. Why are Zinc, Vaseline & Mineral Oil used in the production of denture adhesive creams on the market today?

Zinc is used in the production of adhesive creams to prolong the duration of the hold and prolonged use of this product can be detrimental to one's health. Vaseline and Mineral Oil are used as it seems to be the most stable and least expensive carrier for the active ingredients. With its breakthrough formulation, OlivaFix avoids using these chemicals.

2. What are the dangers of Zinc?

Denture adhesive creams, which are used by millions of people to hold their dentures in place, have recently been linked to serious neurological problems, including a condition called neuropathy. Neuropathy, usually short for peripheral neuropathy, is a nerve disorder that causes pain and numbness in the hands and feet. Other symptoms of neuropathy may include:

  • tingling in the extremities.
  • loss of ability to move legs, feet, arms, or hands.
  • poor balance.
  • decrease in walking stride.

3. Is the hold of OlivaFix good?

According to surveys carried out on OlivaFix, the hold is very good. You achieve a hold of up to and over 24 hours on depending on the type of your denture. Generally upper dentures hold longer than lower dentures. The olive oil creates a healthy barrier between the active ingredients, enabling the cream to dissolve very slowly so that in most cases, only one application per day is needed.

4. Does OlivaFix taste of Olive Oil?

No! We have formulated the product to assure you of a neutral taste, without compromising any of the health benefits. Olive Oil is known for its Anti-bacterial and Anti-candida properties, making it the ideal choice for consumers today who are conscious of a healthy approach to living.

5. What does OlivaFix feel like?

Due to the Vaseline that is contained in conventional denture adhesive creams, the consumer often complains of a pasty feeling in the mouth. This feeling can be unpleasant as you can feel the cream between your gums and the denture. We guarantee that OlivaFix leaves you with a silky sensation feeling in your mouth due to the olive oil content.

6. Why replace Vaseline and Mineral that are contained in most conventional denture adhesive creams?

OlivaFix denture adhesive cream is an important development for bonyf AG as it has achieved something unique in the competitive oral care market. Most conventional denture adhesive creams are formulated with up to 20% Vaseline and 20% Mineral Oil. OlivaFix replaces all of these ingredients by Olive Oil. There are studies on animals and research that link the use of Mineral Oil and Vaseline with potential health risks and it is safe to say that Olive Oil is by far a safer and healthier alternative than Petrochemical based products. Would you rather put Olive Oil or Petrochemicals in your mouth?

7. Mineral Oil a new or old problem?

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Germany has outlined strategies for minimising potential health risks from the migration into food of mineral oil from cardboard packs made from recycled paper. The issue of mineral oil in recycled cardboard has come to light in recent months after analysis at a Swiss laboratory found that it could migrate in “relevant quantities” into carton packed foods. This is of concern to the BfR because animal studies have suggested that mineral oil, which is thought to come from the ink used in newspaper printing, can accumulate in the body, potentially causing damage in the liver, heart valves and lymph nodes. The existing body of research is not yet conclusive but the German health authorities recommend that the migration of mineral oils into foods should still be minimised. Of particular concern are dry foods with a large surface such as rice, semolina, corn flakes and noodles.

8. Safe packaging strategies

Last week, the BfR set out strategies to minimise migration risk in such foods at the ninth BfR Forum on Consumer Protection in Berlin entitled “How to package food safely - health risks of recycled materials?” The use of liner bags, such as aluminium coated plastics, in carton packs was discussed. Appropriate plastic materials are known and could act as a barrier to the migration of mineral oils. BfR said another possible solution may be impervious paper coatings. Virgin fibres could also be used and this would provide the necessary protection for consumers although BfR said it was criticised from an ecological perspective. A final possibility looks further back in the supply chain to the use of different inks in newspaper printing. BfR said this has the advantage that a migration of mineral oils via the skin from reading a newspaper could be prevented. The German risk assessors, who advise Government on matters of food safety, are calling on industry to pursue these avenues to risk reduction as gaps in knowledge remain about the migration of mineral oil. “A final health assessment of these residues is currently still difficult, because this concerns complex mixtures,” said BfR president Andreas Hensel. Another barrier to more conclusive findings is that only a few laboratories have the appropriate analytical equipment for their detection.

By Guy Montague-Jones, 04-Nov-2010

9. Vaseline could be the next health issue for denture adhesive products apart from the well know Zinc problem.

A study showed that using Vaseline on babies can cause systemic candidiasis (yeast infections): The topical use of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on premature infants in a neonatal intensive care unit was shown in this study to cause a tremendous increase in the risk of systemic candidiasis (yeast infections). This association was discovered when a Houston hospital noticed an increase in the incidence of this problem shortly after they instituted a change in their standart protocol for skin treatment in extremly low birth weight infants. Researchers found that the risk of candidiasis was increased by a factor of 11 (eleven). The average age of the infants when diagnosed with candidiasis was 21.5 days old. Following the findings, the hospital discontinued its use of petroleum jelly and the incidence of candidiasis returned back to normal levels. Pediatrics 2000; 105: 1041-1045

Quality System

The company bonyf AG manufacturers the OlivaFix 24 hour denture adhesive cream under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Systems for Medical Devices

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