First 24 hour* "Day & Night" Denture Adhesive Cream

Strong and long lasting hold for dentures
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24 hours Strong Hold

This is the first denture cream to provide the user with a 24 hour hold for full upper dentures. Due to its excellent adhesive properties even lower dentures hold longer. You can enjoy the day without having to worry about your dentures. 

Healthy Approach

It is the first denture fixative cream on the market that contains NO Zinc and NO Petrolatum (more commonly referred to as “Vaseline©”). The Zinc and Petrolatum have been replaced by almost 35% Olive Oil.


Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee an excellent product quality. The product is manufactured in Switzerland by the company bonyf AG under the strictest regulatory and quality controls. bonyf has been manufacturing medical devices since 1979 and knows how to deliver an excellent product.

Silky Smooth Feeling

Due to the advanced Olive Oil formulation the denture cream is silky smooth and does not leave a pasty feeling in the mouth.
Conventional denture adhesive creams are formulated with Vaseline© and this can leave the user with a burning sensation in the mouth. OlivaFix on the other hand will provide a much softer and silkier hold.

Clinically tested

The cream has been clinically tested and bears the Dermatest seal (Germany). The cream is hypoallegenic and has a high approval and satisfaction rating.

Compatible with all dentures

The cream is compatible with all types of dentures and provides a strong and long hold for lower dentures also.

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Quality System

The company bonyf AG manufacturers the OlivaFix 24 hour denture adhesive cream under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Systems for Medical Devices

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